Specialising in the installation of glazed units, integral window blinds, locking mechanisms and hinges etc. plus all requisite installation, refurbishment and maintenance of windows, conservatories and pvcU fascia.

Sabresharp has been part of the regions Double Glazing industry for more than 30 years and during that time has seen many changes, not the least of which is the demise of numerous UPVC window and door installation companies with the consequent invalidation of any product guarantee. It was with this thought in mind that "Plastic Surgery" was developed to assist the many householders left high and dry with no valid service agreement and/or guarantee. Add to this the many households with product fitted some years since, where parts are now often obsolete, and the extent of the problem soon becomes clear. It is an unfortunate feature of the Double Glazing Industry that warrantys more often than not become ineffectual upon the liquidation of the installers business, leaving the end user with nobody of merit to call on for care and attention in the event of a problem developing. The industry is by its nature actually more complex in its post-installation procedures than in the initial stages of installation. Whilst works are of course dependant on professional installation for success the number of specialist remedial companies with sufficient expertise to identify faults, locate the requisite hardware and attend to the problem, is exceedingly limited.

Over the years "Plastic Surgery" has developed relationships with specialist hardware distributors, and holds extensive stocks of most standard items in order to avoid those irritating delays that customers so often face. The thought of being unable to lock a door or open/close a window is enough to give rise to extreme concern, particularly for the aged and infirm. An ever-growing niche market has been built up encompassing not only individual householders but also Housing Associations, Local Councils, Property Maintenance companies, Ministry of Defence complexs and Insurance companies etc. etc., all of which demand the highest levels of care, attention to detail and speedy response times. Conscientious accredited technical staff are fully trained and, whilst providing courteous and efficient attention to the problem, fully support the importance of customer security and peace of mind through corporate identification and dress code.

Recommendation is of course a mainstay of the business and the experienced sales and administrative staff diligently liase with the client at every stage in order that works are undertaken at a convenient time and with the least upheaval. No initial call out charge is normally made and a free no obligation estimate is always provided. It should be noted that, whilst an increasing number of window, door and conservatory installers appear to offer a repair service, many in fact simply use it as a means of gaining access in order to try and once again sell the prospective client on the idea of a complete re-installation unnecessarily. In fact with so little residential property now in need of Double Glazing, many installers are fast becoming dependant on the "Replace the Replacements" ideology. To repair a faulty item is obviously a far more cost effective approach for the client and "Plastic Surgery" prides itself on providing a first class repair and after care service at realistic prices.

Environmental Best Practice National Award presented House of Commons

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